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Park Hall Academy

Park Hall Academy

Water Orton Road, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham. B36 9HF

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Life in the Sixth Form


Welcome to our Sixth Form

This page enables you to access a wide range of information and guidance about the Sixth Form at Park Hall and find out what you can be doing this summer to make sure you are as well-prepared as possible for the start of the new school year in September.

Use the links below to access the films, slide shows, activities and resources that you need to make the most of today – and get yourself ready for life as a Park Hall Sixth Form student.

Please take the time to watch the films and go through the slides as there is a wide range of useful advice about how to prepare as fully as possible for a good start in September.

Welcome from Dr Close (Associate Headteacher)

Dr Close welcomes internal and external applicants to the new year 12.

Virtual Taster Day Film (Slides with Commentary)

Mr Cornell provides an audio commentary to the slides that you would have seen during a ‘normal’ taster day. As well as discussing the practicalities of Sixth Form study (including finalising subject choices, the Academy Colours award programme and the Business Dress Code) we examine the ‘purpose’ of level 3 qualifications and the importance of an ‘Aspirational’ mindset.


Virtual Taster Day (slides with no commentary)

These are the same slides – but without the audio commentary, for you to go through at your own speed.
Student Film: Life in the Sixth Form


Six of our current 6th form students discuss their experiences of the Sixth Form. They highlight how sixth form study is different to GCSE, what they have learned from the experience and share advice on how to get the most out of Sixth Form Study.

Subject Information and Preparation Activities

Explore a wide range of ‘preparatory’ activities in every subject ahead of your start in September. This is a great chance to ‘try before you buy’ and find out whether a course is really for you.
Park Hall Sixth Form Bursary Policy

Park Hall Sixth Form students with household incomes below £28,000 are strongly encouraged to apply for the ‘Sixth Form Bursary’. This is additional funding that you may be able to claim towards the cost of your education. If you qualify – this means you will receive an £80 contribution towards the cost of Business Dress at the start of the year and will be able to ‘claim back’ the costs of the following up to an annual total cost of around £400. (£1200 in the case of students in care or recent care leavers).

  • Curricular School trips
  • School related travel expenses (such as a bus pass)
  • School Stationery (Folders, plastic wallets, pens, calculators)
  • Text Books
  • Revision Guides and Materials
  • UCAS Application Costs

Park Hall Sixth Form Bursary Application Form

If you qualify for the Sixth Form bursary please complete the form above and submit it with the required evidence to our Sixth Form Administrator Mrs Dann. Applications can be emailed or posted using the details provided.


Specialities and Awards