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Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 Options

Choosing the courses to study in Key Stage 4 is an exciting, important and potentially life-changing decision.

You will no doubt have been looking forward to making the key decisions for some time as this is the first time that you can make your own choice about the subject areas you wish to pursue alongside core learning such as English and Maths.

Some of you will find this an easy decision; you will already have a good idea about what you want to do in adult life and there is a clear pathway you wish to follow.

Some, however may well still be undecided about their options after school and the subjects that will help them achieve the goals ahead.

Regardless of which category you fall into, getting your decisions right about the subjects you pursue is hugely important in making sure you are prepared for life after these courses are completed. Today many Park Hall Academy students remain at the school to study A Levels, Level 3 BTEC’s or a combination of the two types of course, with a high proportion going forward to Higher Education, further training or an Apprenticeship.

You may have different plans. Whatever your vision of the future, this booklet is aimed at providing support and guidance. Please ensure you read the information provided carefully, discuss it with your parents/ carers and take your time in making the right choices for you.

Your teachers are always on-hand to discuss your ideas about the subjects you wish to pursue, the extra information they can offer may further assist you in your choices. Your Form Tutor, Head of Year and SENCO may be a first port of call, but there are many other staff at Park Hall who can advise and share their experience with you.

Mr Brady and Mrs Butcher, our Careers advisors are also on hand to give you specific advice about subjects and courses that are on offer.

The ‘EBACC’ (English Baccalaureate) will be explained more fully in your special Options Assemblies, but we would urge any student who is aiming at a Degree or other form of Higher Education after leaving Park Hall to consider this valuable qualification.

The significance of your next two years in school is enormous, so please make the best start to your Key Stage 4 studies possible by taking time to make the correct decisions for your future.

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