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Park Hall Academy

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Level 3 BTEC 

What BTEC Sport ?

Sport is an interesting subject that helps you to prepare for work in the sports industry or for higher education within the fields of sport science and sport.

Through BTEC Sport you will build on the knowledge from GCSE PE, BTEC Sport Level 2 and core PE lessons. There are two courses that we offer:

* BTEC Sport  Extended Certificate is equivalent to 1 A Level.  On this course you will study four units over two years, two of these units are externally assessed exams. 
* BTEC Sport Diploma is equivalent to 2 A Levels. On this course you will study nine units over the two years, 3 of these units are externally assessed exams. 

Course Summary 

Units include…

Anatomy and physiology (examined unit) 

Fitness training and programming (examined unit) 

Professional development in Sport

Sports leadership                                     

Sports psychology

Coaching for performance

Investigating business in the Sport and Active leisure industry (examined unit) 

Skill acquisition in Sport

Rules, Regulations and Officiating

What skills will I gain from studying Sport? 

  You will develop:-

  • An ability to investigate many different areas of sport and consider how they affect sporting performance, giving relevant sporting examples.
  • An ability to evaluate theories in terms of their strengths, weaknesses, evidence and applications to the sporting world.
  • Analysis and justification skills
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Practical skills in a wide range of sports. 

Where can I find out more information?

 Mrs Churchill, Mr Jones:

Specialities and Awards