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Park Hall Academy

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Media Studies

A Level

What is Media Studies?

In Media Studies you will combine theory and practical coursework to examine the meanings created in the media texts which surround us every day in film, print, TV, radio and internet.  We look at the institutions that produce them and how they make money from them.  We examine the audiences who consume them and the meanings they make from them.

You will gain an understanding of film language and working with a partner you will develop your own production of the opening to a new film and in year two a promotional package for a new film including the trailer; a poster and a magazine cover.

Exam Board: WJEC Eduqas

Course Summary


A Level

Component 1

Media Products, Industries and Audiences

  • Section A: Analysing Media Language and Representation
  • Section B: Understanding Media Industries and Audiences

Component 2

Media Forms and Products in Depth

Written examination

  • Section A Television in the Global Age
  • Section B Magazines: Mainstream and Alternative Media
  • Section C Media in the Online Age

Component 3

Cross-Media Production (Non exam assessment)

An individual cross-media production based on two forms in response to a choice of briefs

What skills will I gain from studying media?

You will develop:-

  • Your ability to analyse the cultural representations which surround us every day in Media texts
  • Your skills and creativity in producing new media products using digital technology
  • Your skills of research, planning, presenting information, blogging and working as part of a team Where can I find out more information?

Mr Edwards, Mr Smeaton:

Specialities and Awards