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Park Hall Academy

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A Level

What is Geography?

Studying geography at A-level will expand your knowledge and understanding of a variety of contemporary issues. Theories linked to development, globalisation and the management of global problems are covered with relevant and up to date case studies. You will also learn about our natural environment, including its formation, uses, and the threats it faces. You will also examine how natural hazards can cause problems for human populations and how the problems are managed.  If you are interested about how current global affairs affect you, then geography is the course for you.

Exam Board: AQA

Course Summary  

Component 1- Physical Geography

Water and Carbon Cycles

Coastal Systems and Landscapes

Natural Hazards

Component 2- Human Geography

Global Systems and Global Governance

Changing Places

Contemporary Urban Environments

Component 3- Geography Fieldwork Investigation

Students complete an individual investigation which must include data collected in the field. The individual investigation must be based around a part of the specification content.

 What skills will I gain from studying geography?

You will develop:-

  • primary data collection and representation skills using a variety of techniques
  • your ability to evaluate data collection methods and results using statistical analysis
  • your research, communication and debating skills

Where can I find out more information?

 Mr Dunne, Mr Hughes, Mrs Elliman:

See attached leaflet below.

Specialities and Awards