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Park Hall Academy

Park Hall Academy

Water Orton Road, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham. B36 9HF

Telephone:0121 748 0400

Fax:0121 748 0414

Contact:Mr Cox



Key Stage 4

Year 10 

Autumn 1 (Sept- Oct):   The sociological approach

Autumn 2 (Nov-Dec):  Social structures, social processes and social issues
Spring 1 (Jan- Feb):  Families
Spring 2 (Mar- Apr):  Education

Summer 1 (May-June): Revise key areas of the sociological approach, social structures, social processes and social issues. the family, research & education
Summer 2: Revise key areas of the family & education

Year 11

Autumn 1 (Sept- Oct):  Social Stratification: Functionalist theory of stratification, Socio-economic class and Life chances

Autumn 2 (Nov-Dec): Social Stratification: Poverty as a social issue, Power and authority and Power relationships

Spring 1 (Jan- Feb):  Crime & Deviance
Spring 2 (Mar- Apr):  Sociological research methods
Summer 1 (May-June): Revise all areas

Summer 2: GCSE Examination

Key Stage 5

Year 12: A Level

Autumn 1 (Sept- Oct): Families and Households, Research Methods
Autumn 2 (Nov-Dec): Families and Households, Research Methods
Spring 1 (Jan- Feb): Education
Spring 2 (Mar- Apr): Education
Summer 1 (May-June): Theory & Methods
Summer 2:  June- July: Theory & Methods

Year 13: A Level

Autumn 1 (Sept- Oct): Stratification and Differentiation
Autumn 2 (Nov-Dec): Stratification and Differentiation, 
Spring 1 (Jan- Feb):  Crime & Deviance
Spring 2 (Mar- Apr):  Theory and Methods
Summer 1 (May-June):  Revise all areas
Summer 2: A2 A Level examination

Specialities and Awards