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Head of Department - Miss Moody

Science is a core element of our curriculum through Key Stage 3 and 4. Pupils in Key Stage 3 will have 6 hours of Science lessons per fortnight covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In Key Stage 4 pupils have a choice between AQA Trilogy Combined Science (worth two GCSE's) and AQA Biology, Chemistry and Physics (worth three GCSE's).  The majority of content is the same with both options; the Triple award route simply has additional content within the same topics.

Year 7 

Assessment Cycle Content Covered
1 Matter and Organisms
2 Forces and Reactions
3 Ecosystems and Energy
4 Genes and Earth

Year 8 

Assessment Cycle Content Covered
1 Genes and Earth
2 Waves and Matter
3 Organisms, Electromagnets and Reactions
4 Earth, Forces and Ecosystems

Year 9

Assessment Cycle Content Covered
1 Adaptations, Atomic Structure and Movement and Moments
2 Variation and Chemical Reactions
3 GCSE - B1 Cells and C1 Atomic Structure
4 GCSE - P3 Particle Model and C2 Bonding

Combined Science: Trilogy (AQA) 

Year 10  

Assessment Cycle Content Covered
1 B1 Cells, P1 Energy & C2 Bonding
2 B2 Organisation, P2 Electricity, C3 Quantitative Chemistry
3 B3 Infection & Response, P3 Particle Model, C4 Chemical Changes
4 B4 Homeostasis, P4 Atomic Structure & C5 Energy Changes

Year 11 

Assessment Cycle Content Covered
1 B5 Homeostasis, C5 Energy Changes, C6 Rate
& Extent of Chemical Change, P4 Atomic Structure
2 B6 Inheritance & Variation, C7 Organic Chemistry, C8 Chemical Analysis & P5 Forces
3 B7 Ecology, C9 Chemistry of the Atmosphere, C10 Using Resources, P6 Waves & P7 Electromagnetism 

Triple Science (AQA) 

Year 10 

Assessment Cycle Content Covered

Biology - B1 Cells

Chemistry - C2 Bonding

Physics - P1 Energy


Biology - B2 Organisation

Chemistry - C3 Quantitative Chemistry

Physics - P2 Electricity & P3 Particle Model


Biology - B3 Infection & Response

Chemistry - C4 Chemical Changes

Physics - P4 Atomic Structure


Biology - B4 Bioenergetics

Chemistry - C5 Energy Changes

Physics - P5 Forces

Year 11 

Assessment Cycle Content Covered

Biology - B5 Homeostasis

Chemistry - C6 Rate & Extent of Chemical Change

Physics - P4 Atomic Structure


Biology - B6 Inheritance & Variation

Chemistry - C7 Organic Chemistry, C8 Chemical Analysis

Physics - P5 Forces & P6 Waves


Biology - B7 Ecology

Chemistry - C9 Chemistry of the Atmosphere, C10 Using Resources

Physics - P7 Electromagnetism & P8 Space

Revision Guides 

Combined Science 1-9 revision guide £5.50 each


ISBN: 978 1 78294 559 8


ISBN: 978 1 78294 560 4

Separate Science revision guides x 3 £2.75 each



ISBN: 978 1 78294 556 7



ISBN: 978 1 78294 557 4



ISBN: 978 1 78294 558 1


Advance Information of Assessed Content 2022 – Revision  

To help students revise we are sharing these PowerPoints that list the major themes and useful revision resources for summer examinations. Please select the correct course and tier. If you are unsure please speak to your teacher.

Due to COVID-19 exam boards have released advance information of topics that will be assessed in 2022 summer exams. These specification points will be the major focus of the summer examinations paper.

It is still worth noting that topics not explicitly given in any list may appear in low tariff questions or via ‘linked’ questions. Linked questions are those that bring together knowledge, skills and understanding from across the specification. Students will still be expected to apply their knowledge to unfamiliar contexts.
All files are available to download below.

Specialities and Awards