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Park Hall Academy

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HE Useful Websites

Park Hall Academy Sixth Form
Investigating ‘Next Steps’ .
Useful websites 2018

Best for Higher Education / Initial Search


Web site


Best for ?


Best for general information especially on apprenticeships, universities and student finance. This site is clearly organised to help you get the advice and information that you need with lots of useful links. Parents will also find this site useful.


Easy to understand summary of student finance, how it has changed and what it will mean for you in the future. Great for ‘Busting the Myths’ around student finance.

 is where you will fill in and send off your application form online. Staff can check your progress on your application and offer guidance. Once it is completed you submit it to staff for checking and we attach a reference before sending it on to UCAS who then send it on to all of your chosen institutions.


Best starter tool (click on what are my options? And you can explore options such as University, Apprenticeships, Gap years, Employment an Internships)




Explore the university link and you can search for courses and universities. If you register with UCAS make sure you choose 2018 undergraduate entry and make a note of your username and password is useful to identify the courses and universities with the highest student satisfaction and graduate employment rates. is also a useful source of information for parents.

(bestCourse4me FREE app)

Best interactive site and best for advice on writing your Personal Statement. Register with them as soon as possible to access a whole range of materials and support.


Good for comparing potential earnings by uni subject etc.

Best for viewing University open days ‘at a glance’


Best for Careers / Apprenticeships / Year Out



Explore these web sites to look at a range of exciting gap year options. Remember, a number of the best schemes will require you to raise funds to support your year out.


Students also take a year out to gain some work experience or earn money. If this appeals to you then make sure you take the time now to work out whether or not this is a realistic prospect.




Best for exploring the wide range of options at 18 for those students that feel university study is not for them. Select a category from: Apprenticeships, college courses, distance learning, internships, traineeships, gap year, professional qualifications, employment & training.



Best for viewing films about different sorts of careers. Look out for the Buzz test ‘What sort of animal are you’ – a personality profiling exercise that may give you useful career ideas


Complete the career test to find out ideas for future careers and advice.


Browse job profiles to look at a range of possible careers. See how much you can earn and work out what qualifications you need to pursue that career.





This is the best starting point for finding out about Apprenticeships, checking your eligibility and searching apprenticeships available. There are also sections for teachers and parents to explore. To explore apprenticeships you will need to register your details into the system. This is an essential part of the application process.


Good for exploring potential careers and gaining tips and advice on how to complete successful applications. There is also a section for Apprenticeships – including application and interview tips.


Representatives for ‘Solihull for Success’ will deliver a presentation in Y13. Sign up with them and they will support you in searching for local employment and training opportunities. Click on the ‘job seeker’ tab to find out more




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