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A Level

What is Chemistry?

Chemistry underpins our everyday existence Everyday items we take for granted such as washing powders, toothpaste, cosmetics and toiletries were developed with the help of chemists. Exciting  products such as new  sports ware, laptops, state of the art mobile phones are equally dependent on chemistry. Chemical scientists will be central in the development of new sustainable energy resources and new medicines to treat and cure diseases. Chemistry is an exciting, challenging subject with the potential for significant personal and financial rewards.

Exam Board: OCR

Course Summary 

Paper 1 : Periodic table, elements and physical chemistry

Assesses content from modules 1,2,3,5

Development of practical skills in chemistry

Foundations in chemistry

Periodic table and energy

Physical chemistry and transition elements

Paper 2 : Synthesis and analytical techniques

Assesses content from modules 1,2,4,6

Development of practical skills in chemistry

Foundations in chemistry

Core organic chemistry

Organic chemistry and analysis

Paper 3 : Unified chemistry

Assesses content from all modules(1 to 6)

All of the above

Plus a Chemistry Practical



What skills will I gain from studying Chemistry?

Chemistry students gain an excellent range of skills throughout the course. These include problem solving, numeracy, analysis, team working, laboratory skills, observation and data handling

Where can I find out more information?

 Mrs Davies,Ms Deauville:

See leaflet below.

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